Community Service

Animal Adoption:

The Pension Studio at times fosters cats or dogs from the local humane society- Palm Beach Animal Care and Control ( As a foster we provide a temporary home for a dog or cat with special needs, such as a quiet place for newborns, animals receiving medical treatment, or recovering from injuries or abuse.  Everyone that works at The Pension Studio has pets at home, or are animal lovers, so it is easy and enjoyable for us to have an animal at the office.  By fostering we are able to help out an animal in need thus providing more space at the shelter for adoptable animals.

Pet overpopulation has become a serious problem across the United States, costing communities millions of dollars a year and resulting in the loss of life for millions of animals. In 2006, an estimated 6 – 8 million animals entered animal shelters across the country. Only 30% of dogs and 2-5% of cats were returned to their original owners. About half of those animals left were adopted into new homes. The remaining 3 -4 millions pets were euthanized. We typically try to assist in the placement of the pet so that they do not have to return to the shelter for any long period of time. All of the pets are fully up to date on shots and are fixed.

The Pension Studio’s philosophy toward corporate giving is that there are many worthy causes, and like TPA services where we specialize in one small area of retirement planning, it is also best to concentrate our donations on one specific mission.  In addition to being a foster, a portion of each retirement plan setup fee is given to The Darbster foundation.

Darbster Foundation:


The Darbster Foundation is a 501(c) 3 that concentrates its resources on animal welfare, on a community level. Our primary goal is to reduce the number of animals euthanized in Palm Beach County. When the restaurant, “Darbster”, opened in 2009, the Foundation was formed. 100% of all profits from Darbster Food go toward The Darbster Foundation. The Foundation now has two adoption facilities in New Hampshire. In 2014, Darbster Kitty was opened in Manchester, New Hampshire to facilitate the rescue, transport and adoption of kitties. Darbster Doggy, which is located in Chichester, New Hampshire, is scheduled to open this summer. Both these facilities offer boarding services with a portion of the fees going to help support further rescue efforts. Our goal is to make Darbster Foundation a self-supporting entity by operating profitable entities, funding 100% of the operating expenses. We are not there yet but getting closer each year.

2018 has been a tremendous year for the Darbster Foundation. Our efforts have been concentrated on the rescue and transport of highly adoptable kitties and dogs out of overcrowded conditions in South Florida to areas in New England where demand is significantly stronger. A tremendous help to this effort has been our partnerships with other rescue organizations in the New England area: Salem Animal Rescue League (SARL), Humane Society & Shelter South Coast, Standish Humane Society and the Ellen M. Gifford Cat Shelter to name a few.

Utilizing both our own adoption facility in Manchester and the facilities of our partner rescue organizations, kitty transport is proceeding at a record pace. At mid-year, an average of 66 kitties per month were transported to Darbster Kitty and an additional 75 kitties per month to our partner shelters. In 2017, Darbster Kitty transported and found homes for over 1100 kitties. By mid- 2018, transports had already totaled 1012.

This year, over 90 dogs have been pulled from overcrowded shelters in South Florida and transported north, primarily to SARL. We expect this number to increase with the upcoming opening of our own shelter, Darbster Doggy.

Additionally, we continue our Healing Hearts Program at the Animal Care and Control facility in West Palm Beach. Instead of heart worm positive dogs being euthanized they are adopted out and treated with funds raised by the Darbster foundation.

The Foundation also sponsors spay/neuter surgeries and medical care of community animals. We have sponsored the spay/neuter surgeries of over 2,000 community animals and assisted with the medical care of an additional 50+ community animals.

Interested in Fostering, Adopting or Educating? Call us at 561-459-4871 for more information.